Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Wall Hanging Jewelry Display

DIY Wall Hanging Jewelry Display

I made this DIY hanging jewelry rack as a way to appease my wife and thwart my cat. If you have ever suffered through a morning of untangling necklaces or if your cat has ever stolen your jewelry off your night stand, then this wall hanging jewelry display might just be for you! I made it with spare wood I had laying around but all the materials needed could be purchased for less than $10.
DIY Wall Hanging Jewelry Display
Instructions on how to build your own hanging jewelry display can be found below!


The supplies you will need to build this are:
5/8" Cup Hooks from Home Depot
  • 5/8" Cup Hooks ($4 for 100)
  • 1x4 ($2)
  • 1" Dowel ($2)
  • Screws
  • Finishing Nails
  • Picture Hanging Wall Mount
  • DIY Beeswax Wood Polish

The tools I used were:
  • Drill
  • Circular Saw ( or Hand Saw)
  • Kreg Jig (not necessary but makes it easier)
  • Hammer
  • Measuring Tape


As I mentioned above, I just used leftover scrap wood. If you don't have any wood around the house, I would go out and buy 4 ft of 1"x4" hardwood (Oak, Maple, etc..). For a cheaper build (or if you plan on painting it) just buy a 6ft  piece of 1"x4" pine. I also used a piece of diamond willow for the upright posts, but you could use a 1inch circular dowel. 

To start we will need to cut the top and bottom for the jewelry rack. First, cut one piece of the 1x4 into a 20 inch length, this will be your top. Next cut an 18 inch piece of 1x4, this will be your bottom piece. 

The next step is to cut your upright posts. I cut them at 17 inches as this length accommodates my wife's longest necklace. If you have 1 or 2 longer necklaces you can either double up the necklace or cut longer upright posts if you have lots of longer necklaces.

17" Diamond Willow Upright Posts
The next step is to attach the upright posts to the bottom 1x4 piece. This can be done with a Kreg Jig or  by angling your screw (how to toenail a screw or nail) from the 1x4 into the 1 inch dowel.

The Back of the Bottom Piece
Next, line up your top 1x4 piece so that it is centered. Drill a pilot hole (a pre-drilled hole) into the top of the 1x4 down into the 1 inch dowel. Attach the top piece to the upright posts by screwing it in with at least a 1.5 inch screw. 

Now flip over the assembled jewelry display so that it is resting on the top piece. Space out and mark where you want to have your cup hooks. I chose to separate them by 2 inches in each direction. I offset them to maximize the space by creating three rows with each row a little over an inch apart. By doing this I was able to get about 33 cup hooks installed.

Cup Hook Spacing
Once you have the marked all the holes, use a bit that is slight smaller than 5/8" to drill out all the holes. Make sure to not drill all the way through the 1x4. 

After drilling all the holes I would recommend using the DIY Beeswax Wood Polish before installing the cup hooks. Same goes if you are planning on using a different stain or paint to finish this. Depending on what wood finish you are using you may have to lightly sand it first. 

Once your applied wood finish has dried, you can now install the cup hooks. Just screw them in by hand. 

Now measure out even spacing on the bottom 1x4 piece so that you can nail in 3 evenly spaced finishing nails. These will be a place for you to hang bracelets.

Finishing Nail Spacing on Bottom Piece
Now all you have to do is apply the picture wall hanger on the back. Make sure to find the middle so that it stays level when you hang it on the wall. 

Centered Picture Wall Hanger
Put a nail in the wall, set the the wall hanging jewelry display on the nail and you are finished! All that is left now is to hang up your jewelry :) 
Finished DIY Wall Hanging Jewelry Rack


  1. Looks nice. You are very clever.