Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Lifestyle

Inexpensive Lumber
Have you ever seen something that you feel like you could maybe make yourself but your just not sure exactly how you would do it? Or maybe you want a product that doesn't exist or costs too much? Perhaps you want a product that is more sustainable, natural or organic?Well I do that everyday. Then I spend hours researching and designing just how exactly I would go about making it.

So I plan on sharing my DIY adventures and designs with anyone who is interested. Recently, I built my own kitchen island, an entertainment center, and a platform bed using inexpensive wood from my local hardware store! Then when I wanted to stain and seal the furniture I couldn't really find a sustainable option so I made my own natural wood stain.

DIY Kitchen Island

I love designing these projects and I love the way that the projects improve my life as well. Best of all, I usually save money and resources in the process. Over the coming months I hope to share these plans in hopes that they may help you as well. Some future projects include: making my own pasta sauce, plans for growing food during the winter, worm composting projects and possibly homemade shampoo and facial cleanser. Stay tuned for detailed instructions, pictures, and videos!


  1. How did you make your own stain???? i did end up buying some less than ideal "redwood" stain for our DIY entertainment center...

    1. Hi psound74,

      I plan on posting all about DIY Wood Stain on either this Wednesday or Thursday. I plan on posting a few recipes for different shades. I have found it is often easier to do lighter color shades, but I plan on experimenting this week with darker colors. Many of the recipes are very easy and use non-toxic natural ingredients you can find in your kitchen! Check back later this week for more details.

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  3. I really like this kitchen island! I can see how you put most of it together, but not the drawers. Do you have the DIY Instructions up for this anywhere?